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Our path began in 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, in which we decided to compose the first chords that would create the basis of our music, forging an identity that would later bear fruit in our first EP “The Blasphemous Lady”, signed with Art Gates Records (Spain).

We want to consolidate ourselves as a band that combines dark, symphonic, aggressive and horrendous elements that transport our listeners to a dimension in which horror coexists with beauty.

After performing several shows, participating in festivals and accompanying big bands, we locked ourselves back in the studio to shape our first full-length album. Now in 2024, we hope to launch our next album “Six Hundred & Fifty” to the world.

Specifically, this time, we have focused on the darkest era of the noble aristocrat, who was blamed for six hundred and fifty deaths and was condemned for it.

We have written a concept album in which we have vehemently pursued a specific sound, adding another link to the ones we already released with our previous EP.

We are a band especially versed in live shows. Our musical representation is closely linked to the live show. Erzsébet conceives Symphonic Black Metal, but amalgamated with a theatrical nuance.

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