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Mixomatosis is an extreme metal (Gore Grind) band that delivers a fast and forceful sound. Their lyrics, characterized by guttural and extreme vocals, are primarily expressed in Spanish, although they also incorporate some themes in Catalan. The band stands out for its impactful and powerful approach in the performance of its music, creating an intense and visceral sonic experience for their listeners.

Since 1990, Mixomatosis has been a presence in the extreme metal scene of the country, undergoing substantial changes both in their musical style and lineup.

The only consistent members of the band are Marc Cabildo and Jordi Lozano. Throughout their career, the band has released several editions, aside from their demos, through record labels such as Voliac Rock Prod and Quirófano Prod, which presented their first digipack CD titled "Bienvenidos al Mundo del Terror" under the Downfall Rec label. They also released a split CD with Mastectomía, a split MCD with Tu Carne under Hecatombe Records, and in 2004, a split MCD with Audiorrea. American Line Prod from Mexico published their CD "Recuento de Cadáveres" in the same year, and in 2004, Deus Mortuus from the USA released a split CD with Holocausto Canibal from Portugal. The band has three 7"EP format vinyl records, one edited by Voliac Rock Prod and the other two by Fungeworthy Rec from the USA. Additionally, their album "Bienvenidos al Mundo del Terror" will be published by Coyote Records from Russia, with additional content including the 1994 demo and a new cover. Mixomatosis performs live in various locations to spread their extreme music and enjoy with their fans and friends.

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